We began our business activity in 1997. Since Poland became a member of the European Union we have broadened our range of services and adjusted them to meet the needs of our European and American partners.

We specialize in services for investors in the real estate market in Poland. Investment projects for a company or its property are designed and managed by NiF. The simplest project consists of buying and selling property. More complicated projects also include development and commissioning of the investment.


We always treat our clients and partners on an individual basis, because for us, business is a personal matter. Regardless of system used, people are of foremost importance to us. For us, honest, understandable, and clear relations are as much of a priority as the investments with which we are entrusted. We share our knowledge and many years of experience with the hope that not only will we attain success on a business level with our clients, but also build good, personal relationships with them.


Our main achievements are:

We purchased over 100,000,000 euro worth of properties on behalf of investment companies during the last few years. Located in several cities throughout Poland and near crossroads of future motorways, these plots are destined for development with houses and apartments, hotels, office complexes, logistic centers or industry. We are conducting the buyout of the next plots.

We completed the construction and sale of a complex of apartments with total area of 10,000 sqm with parking places and infrastructure.


We are preparing the next residential and offices investments totalling 20,000 square meters.



Our company involved in the following investment projects:

Estate of 26 detached houses, Tyniecka street - complete project

Residential-service complex in Debniki - purchasing a property and preparing an investment process

Estate of 29 detached houses in Jugowice - purchasing a plot and preparing an investment process

Residential office, hotel area, Rakowicka street - purchasing a property

Residential, office, hotel area in Kazimierz - purchasing a property

Residential and hotel area, Wawrzynca street - purchasing a property

Residential complex in Borek Fałecki - purchasing a plot and preparing an investment process

Residential area in Ruczaj - purchasing a plot

Office complex, Opolska street - development of an office block

Residential complex in Biezanow - complete project

Residential area in Biezanow - purchasing a plot

Residential area, Kobierzynska street - purchasing a plot and preparing an investment process

Area for an estate of detached houses in Skotniki - purchasing a plot

Residential complex in Kliny - sale of apartments

Residential area in Wola Justowska - purchasing a plot




Residential complex, Szymanowskiego Estate, I phases - complete project (from purchasing a plot to sale apartments)

Residential complex, Szymanowskiego Estate, III phase - purchasing a plot and preparing an investment process

Residential complex, Jedynaka street - purchasing a plot and preparing an investment process




Residential area, Szarych Szeregow street - complete project
Residential area, Wolczanska street- purchasing a property

Office area, Senatorska street - purchasing a property


Hotel area, Polska street - purchasing and management of plot

Residential and hotel area, Strzelecka street- purchasing a plot



Service and industry area near crossroads of motorways in Strykow - purchasing and management of plot