Dear investors,



NiF offers you a real estate market investment service in Poland.


We have a proven track record of a professional, effective and efficient service to investors in Polish real estate, who value our honesty, integrity and knowledge of market conditions.


Projects may include all of the following activities or only those required by a client.

  • a choice of an optimal range of a investment processes
  • locating a suitable investment property
  • determining an organizational and financial investment plan
  • property purchase
  • preparing documentation and obtaining the necessary administrative decisions to increase the value of a property and facilitate the commencement of the investment process
  • conduct the entire investment process
  • development and commissioning of the investment.


During the whole investment process in Poland, if required, our company can assist in the running of the investor`s Polish company, provide the registered office (seat of business), company administration, representatives and appropriate financial services.


We also maintain a current list of investment plots for sale.